Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware study is that portion of computer science which deals with study of all the physical Components and appearances of Computer System.In other word, All the physical components of the computer which can be see and touch are the hardware parts of the computer. All the peripheral parts attached with the computer system abd completes the computer system are known as the hardware parts of the computer like Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Speaker, microphone Hard disk, RAM, ROM, etc. Computer hardware study is not only the study of the Computer hardwares or components that we see in the surface of computer, it is also study includes study of ports and slots that are available in motherboard.

The Computer hardware study is mostly related with the Motherboard or Central Processing Unit (CPU) because CPU is the Brain of the computer and all the parts of computer systems are connected to motherboard. So, The Hardware of computer Study deals also relates with all the information of devices used by computer system as well as performance and maintenance of the computer system. Thus, knowledge of basic of computer hardware study is essential for every computer users.

Depending on computer Architecture, Computer Hardware can be divided into different device units.
i) Input Device
ii) Processing device(CPU)
iii) Output Device
iv) Storage Device

hardware block

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