Scanner is an input device that has capability of scanning the data, capturing images and converting it into a unique set of electrical signals. In other words, it copies an image, creates and stores it on a computer disk in a form that can be used by the computer. Any image on paper, whether text or graphics, printed or drawn can be scan to the computer by the help of this device. This device works same as photocopier but the copier copies data to the paper and the scanners copies data to the computer memory.

Computer Scanner

Nowadays these devices has made a lots of development and change. Now these devices does not only scan the paper but these can scan human parts like thumb, retina, etc. Depending on its scanning capability there are various types of scanning devices. Some of them are thumb scanner, retina scanner, etc.

Thumb scanners are such device which takes image of our finger print and stores in database for registration. And depending on finger prints availables it identify that person next time. These devices are highly use in registration purpose in offices, for voting systems, security system, etc.

Scanning of Finger
Finger Print scanner

Eye or Retina scanners are such device which is used to scan the retina and keeps its image as data. This device is highly use for security purpose in developed country. This device is mostly use in security purpose. This retina scanning technology is also highly use in Ophthalmology. This is use for check up of retina of eye victims.

Scanning of Retina
Retina scanner

The use of scanners are increasing in embedded systems day by day. The concept of scanner is also used in ATM machines. The scanners are widely used in advanced security system, register, voting, etc.

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