Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse is a small handful input device that is connected to system unit with. Computer Mouse an input device, whose movement causes the corresponding movement of an arrowhead moves on the screen which is known as Mouse Pointer.

Fig: Mouse Pointer

optical mouse button

Fig: Computer Mouse

Computer mouse is moved on the plain surface known as Mouse Pad. Usually, it has two or three buttons. Using it, the user can select options from the screen. You can press one of the mouse buttons to initiate an action or operation. Mouse is used only with graphical user interface not with command line user interface.
There are two types of mouse available mechanical and optical mouse. They are also available in different connector type serial, PS/2, USB and wireless. Most popular one is USB and wireless optical mouse.

Fig: Mechanical and Optical Mouse
Normally, button in left one is used for select, open and run file or folder. And right button is used for display menu. Nowadays middle mouse button is replaced by a scrolling device which doughnut shaped known as Scroll Wheel. This scroll wheel is used for scrolling mouse cursor up and down.


Fig: Serial Mouse

DELL PS2 Mouse

Fig: PS/2 Mouse


Fig: USB Mouse

Working Mechanism of Mouse:
1. Mechanical mouse:
In mechanical mouse, the main components are click- button, rubber ball, roller and chip. The click button is for used for clicking by users.

Fig: Anatomy of Mechanical Mouse
The rubber ball is used for rolling the roller inside the mouse. There are two rollers one is along X-axis and other is Y-axis. When the roller rolls the rotation of roller is read by the controller chip and on the basis of roller rotation, signal is generated and eventually the cursor pointer moves. For fix attachment of roller and sensor there is a spring which pushes the rubber ball towards roller.
2. Optical mouse
In the Optical mouse, the main components are click-button, Light Emitting Diode (LED), light sensor, chip, plastic prism, Scroll Wheel.mouse7
The LED is the light emitting diode which is used as light emitter in optical mouse. Usually Red light is used in this process. Then, that light hits surface ground and reflect back to the prism and bend towards light sensor. When light sensor reads data its passed to the controller and controller identifies data and pass to system unit. Eventually data is passed to VDU and we will see it in Visual Display Unit (VDU).

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