Features of Computer

Speed: Computer is designed for search of high speed the calculating device.
So, computer must have high speed as well as calculation capability. Computer can calculate complex calculation at a very high speed(frequency). Computer takes a few micro/nano second to execute as operation.

1 Millisecond   = 1/1000th of a second.

1 Microsecond = 1/1000000th of a second

1 Nanosecond = 1/1000000000th of a second

1 Picosecond = 1/1000000000000th of a second

Computers work at very high speeds and are much faster than humans. The human equivalent of an average computer would be one million mathematicians working 24 hours a day.

Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the must important feature of any digital electronics device. If the input data and instructions are given correctly, then the result given by the computer will always be accurate. The term GIGO ( Garbage in Garbage Out) applies in this context as: if we give the wrong data then the computer will obviously give us wrong output. A computer rarely makes mistakes. In fact, most computer errors are cusec by human facilities.

Diligence: Deligence is a capacity of performing repeated operation without any tiredness and any mistakes.A computer is capable of performing the required task continuously for the repeatitative condition with the same speed, accuracy and efficiently without any error. Computer never gets tired, bored and laziness to do the task. The monotony of repetitive works does not affect computer. Unanticipated situation arises, computer will either produce erroneous results or abandon the task altogether. They do not have the potential to work out and alternative solution.

Versatility: Versatility is an ability to perform various task related to different fields like Science and Technology, Business, Education etc. Such as a doctor could not design a building architecture and an engineer could not make any surgery but the same computer could be use in both of the field. computer can perform different task basis on give instruction sets. It can be used in any field.

Memory power: A computer system can store a large amount of data. Computer has inbuilt and auxiliary memory. The data stored in the computer disk can be modified at the required time.

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