Input Devices

The devices which are used to give inputs to the Computer are known as Input Devices. In other word, those devices which help to supply data or instruction to the computer are known as input devices .The input is the Data that are given to the computer which are need to be processed to have required Output. Depending on the type of computer the input may varies. The input may be analog as well as digital data. The Analog Data is the continuous signal and Digital Data is the discrete Signal. Examples of analog data are signal of ECG, Ultra Sound, signal of light, signal of sound, etc. And examples of discrete data are binary numbers, alphabet, numbers, etc. analog and digital
In our daily life, we deal with different types of data and their source. So, we need different kind of devices to deal with them. And Input Devices vary depending on input data types.

The unit which is responsible for give inputs to the computer is known as input unit.The input unit is formed by the attaching input devices to the computer. E.g. of input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner etc.

Functions of Input Unit:

  • It accepts data and instruction from the outside world.
  • It converts these data and instruction Machine Level Language.
  • It supplies the converted data and instruction to the computer system for further processing.
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