Introduction Of Computer

The word computer is composed from the greek word “compute” which means to calculate.
Therefore, the computer can be defined as the electronic device that calculates. This is the minimal definition of a computer because this definition does not elaborate the real meaning of computer.

Computer is an electronics machine device capable of manipulating number & symbols: taking an input through input devices, processes, stores it in storage device & gives output through output device all under the control of a set of instructions known as Program.

block diagram of computer
Fig: Block diagram of computer organization

Why do we need computer?

We use computer is to read data, perform task on data and store the data. Computer is important because data is most important to us. Eg: Our accounts, bills, documents, video, music, etc.
Computer has become the basic necessity in our daily life because computers are affecting our lives in one-way or the other. Computers are used almost everywhere in our daily life. Example: Airlines, telephone and electricity bills, banking, news, hospitals, medical diagnoses, government offices, schools, media companies and weather forecast. The list of services using computers is almost endless.

Well, we use computer in almost every fields of the world. But what is computer? Have you ever tried to figure out? You spend your leisure time playing games, watching movies, but have you ever thought, how does a computer work?
The term computer is thought to be derived from the Latin word ‘Computare’ which means to calculate. The computer needs to be instructed on exactly what it has to do. The computer can store and manipulate small to large quantities of data at very high frequency and even though, it can’t think. Although the computer can help to solve a wide variety of problems, It is merely a machine and can’t solve problem on its own. It must be provided with instructions is the form of a computer program.

A program is a list of instructions written in a special language that the computer understands. It tells the computer which operations to perform and in what sequence to perform them.

In simple form, a computer is an electronic device that can accept input, process it as given instructions, stores it and gives desired output.

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