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Computer Keyboard is a component that closely resembles a typewriter console. The word “keyboard” is combination of two words Key and board. It is the collection of different keys on the board. It is is same as the appearance but by the help of keyboard you can initiate or apply different commands to the computer so it is most popular input device. So, Computer Keyboard is also known as basic or primary input device.
While working on the PC using a Computer Keyboard, you will notice a flashing point on the VDU. This is the cursor. When you press a keyboard, a character is displayed at the point where the cursor is flashing and the cursor moves one position forward. The keyboard provides different keys to perform various operations.
Generally, you will get keyboards with more than 100 keys. Nowadays, you can get some extra keys are addition to the traditional keyboard and these boards are called Enhanced or Multimedia keyboard. This type of keyboard is target to help in getting entertainments. In these types of keyboard, extra keys are used which is also called multimedia keys. As name resembles these keys are used to play movies and music. Some keyboards may contain game controller or joystick keys (like R1, R2 and L1, L2) and these keyboards are mostly used for playing games.
At first the keyboard has designed in alphabetical order but professional users hit buttons of keyboard very fast and hard which is arise a problem in keyboard buttons. So, keyboard Manufacture Company decided to randomly placement of keys on the keyboard. So, different types of keyboard are introduced in market on the basis of key placement. Depending on appearances of keys you will find many types of keyboards available in market, example: QWERTY Keyboard, DVORAK Keyboard, COLEMAK Keyboard, etc. Among them QWERTY keyboard is most popular one. On QWERTY keyboard top left row starts with QWERTY and on the DVORAK Keyboard the top left row stars with DVORAK but it is not so popular. Computer Keyboard

Fig: Multimedia QWERTY Keyboard


Fig: DVORAK Keyboard


Fig: COLEMAK Keyboard
There are different types of Keyboards are available in the market depending upon the connector types. They are Serial, Ps/2 and USB type.

Fig: PS/2 and USB Connectors
USB type keyboard can be found of teo tyes wired or wireless. Both are best depending upon need of the users.

Types of Keys:
Modifier Keys: The Modifier key has different functions as defined as the program or operating systems. For Windows Operating system Shift, Control and Alt are used whereas for Macintosh Shift, Command, Option button are used.
Numeric Keys: The groups of buttons which are placed on right side of the keyboard are known as Numeric keys. They are used for numeric and arithmetic actions.
Main Keys: The groups of keys which deal with numeric, symbolic and alphabetic keys are known as main keys.
Cursor Movement Keys: The Group of keys which is responsible for movement of cursor, such as Arrow keys, Home, End, Page up, Page down are known as Cursor movement keys.
Special purpose Keys: The group of keys which includes insert, Delete, Esc, Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause, Start(Windows), Shortcut(windows) are the special purpose keys.

More details about keys:

Key Function
F1-F12 (Function Table) Used to perform special functions that depend on the software that is being used
Caps lock Use to execute an instruction or data being keyed in through the keyboard.
Shift Caps lock off: If pressed simultaneously with a character key, a capitalized alphabet is input.
Caps lock on: If reverses the above effect.
Also used to input the upper, symbols of keys with two symbols or characters on them.
Ctrl, Alt Pressed with other keys, they input special message to the computer.
Backspace Used to erase the characters to the left of the cursor position.
Num-Lock Used to activate the numeric keys on the numeric keypad.
Cursor Movement Keys Used to move the cursor in direction indicated
Home, End, Page Up, Page Down Used to perform special functions, with which you will become familiar during the course.
Insert Used to insert characters at the current cursor position.
Delete Used to delete characters at the current cursor position
Esc Depends on application, usually used to cancel a command.
Print screen Used to print whatever is displayed on the screen.
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