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Best Home Remedy for Gout and Uric Acid

If you are having painful Uric Acid Attack, Drink half cup of Aloe Vera Juice right now, after that read this post with my story How I bit Uric Acid Attack?

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Hello, I am a software developer. And every body knows job of software Developer is whole day sitting on chair and programming computer on the table. As I am freelancing from South Asian Country we have to work hard to sustain as Freelance Software Developer. Most probability is to maintain working hour for different time zone.

Today I am going to write about my story of journey of Gout (Uric acid Problem). Many of us love to do 9-6 chair job such as computer operator, accountant, receptionist, physician, etc rather than physical hard works jobs like farming, horticulture, aqua culture, etc. So people like us lacks daily physical exercise.

This habit will leads us to diseases like gout, uric acid, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, pimples, etc number of diseases.

Today I am going to share about how to get quick relief of pain of uric acid and gout with long term solution.

I am going to share ma Experience with uric acid.

On 2017, 19th January I had a knee pain suddenly. it was an unbearable pain. Its kind of sudden and I was unable to identify what was the reason. I had no accident of injury but still there was an unbearable pain deep inside my knee and ankle.

So I was very scared my knees and ankle we swollen to double the size of regular size. So at first I thought there may be some unknown accident and injured my knees and I keep on putting bandage and doing massage for relief but it was use less. so after one week I thought about visit the doctor. Then, I went to community hospital for check up. I take appointment for best senior doctor. then he took my blood samples and X-ray. I was scared and waiting for my result. Then, after sometime doctor came with my result and said “I have uric acid”. And the level of uric acid is 9.5.

Before that time, I thought uric acid was not that painful disease, but when I had an attack of uric acid it was just opposite.

Then, my doctor prescribe some medicine and mentions I have to control food and avoid proteins. Then, I went home and took medicine for two weeks. I thought it will be cured in two weeks and had only milk and rice for two weeks period. But result was not as expected, there was little a progress with pain relief and I was able to walk and slowly but still have much pain in my knee and ankle. At that time my weight is 85 kilograms. It is quiet a heavy weight, and I thought I had pain on knee and ankle because of my heavy weight. but no, it was due to uric acid effecting my joints.

After two weeks my problem is almost consistent with small progress in knee pain. But I was happy that I can walk again and went to visit my doctor. Then again he took my blood sample and tested my uric acid. I was quiet excited to hear that this time doctor will give me good report and says “Congratulations you are good to go”. But no this time again my result is opposite of my expectation. And my uric acid level is increased rather than decrease and this time my uric acid level is 10.5. this is quiet high level of uric acid.

And every body was surprised that how I was walking with this much high level uric acid. And the answer was doctor had gave me painkiller and medicine and he was exception me my uric acid will be decreased by controlling food.

So doctor said now we need to change medicine and I need to take it for whole life to control my uric acid level. Now, I am totally scared that what should I do, I can’t take this painkiller medicine whole life. I was just 28 years old.

So, I started Looking for alternatives and home remedies. I had tried many things as solution. I started doing yoga, etc. Physical exercises but no solution at all. I started avoiding egg, meats, fish, all kinds of dry beans, peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbages, Eggplant, mushrooms, spinach (because high protein), pulses and bean soups.

But this thing doesn’t improve at all, my uric acid level is constant and was around 9-11 always. and I am demotivated day by day.

So one day I remember my grand mother was eating Aloe Vera leaf to reduce her blood pressure. So I thought let make a try rather than bearing that pain and die with that disease. So, one night, I pick one Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze it and I collected its gel in one cup. It look like I can collect few more and made gel half cup. So I tried to 1 sip. It was too bitter I had ever tried in my entire life. But If need relief I must drink it. So, I closed my eye and drink it without stopping 1 sec. I thought I will be vomiting but I didn’t.

Then, I sleep, and next morning I felt better than last night. So, again, on empty stomach I take another half cup of Aloe Vera Juice. Then, after 1 hour I took my break fast,

I starting taking twice a day for 3 days just for trial. and it give me positive result and I continue for 2 weeks and my uric acid level is below 7. And My legs are in normal. I was so happy. Its like I won War against my great enemy of my life. I was so relief.

Then, I kept on testing my uric acid and taking foods different vegetable so that it will not increase my uric acid level. Till now, what I came to understand is eat organic vegetables normally I take all organic and green vegetable except potato and spinach. I am happy and my legs are better now.

Special Ninja Trick for Quick Relief of Uric Acid and Gout problem:

  1. Drink Aloe Vera Juice regularly if possible but it may lower your blood pressure so take after checking blood pressure. if your blood pressure is high or normal. You are good to drink it.
  2. Never eat Cauli Flower, cabbage, Mushrooms, spinach (it has high purine )
  3. Purine is deadly poisonous for Uric Acid Patient.
  4. Avoid Meat as much as possible during pain in uric acid but later you can have it when uric acid is at normal.
  5. Avoid dried bean and pulses if possible.
  6. Drink fresh milk and Organic fruits and vegetable.
  7. No need to scare with uric acid, you can control it, if you take few precautions.
  8. Do meditation and physical exercise.

Quick Relief and Long term solution if your uric acid level is high:

  1. Take half cup of Aloe Vera juice for twice a day with empty stomach in the morning and at night before sleep. You will get better result with in 3-7 days. And keep following till two weeks you will get long time relief.
  2. If you felt you are going to hit with uric acid again follow above prescription for 3 days and you are good to go.

“Live Healthy, Say Bye Bye to Uric Acid”